Our history

This is the story of Michael, who for several years suffered from pimples and ingrown hairs after each shave. After having tried several treatments that proved ineffective, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He travels the world and at the same time, researches to find the solution(s) to this inconvenience. 

During his travels, especially in the United States, he discovered a laboratory that produced a formula perfectly adapted to his expectations and, above all, to his skin.
He was able to obtain it for personal use. Little by little, the benefits of the product took effect and the pimples disappeared. Happy with the result and aware of the impact it had on Mickael, the laboratory asked him for his opinion on many of the products he created. This is how a relationship of trust was gradually established between them.
Satisfied, Mickael decided to wear a beard and approached the laboratory again, which offered him healthy products for its maintenance
and its regular growth. This is how Mickael's Choice was born!

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